Matthew, first of all Thank you for sharing your creativity. Thank you for being vulnerable with us as the readers. Thank you for crafting the most fitting and beautiful acronyms they're perfect.

Second of all, you're talented. This book is a perfectly expressed collection of raw emotion honesty reflections of thoughts feelings and insight into a variety of topics. Despite living different paths I was still able to relate to everything your poems touched on. These poems allowed me to take the opportunity to reflect on my own life experiences and emotions in a way I haven't allowed myself to do in a long time.

P.S. I look forward to sharing this treasure with others. Please keep writing.

Luv and Respect, 


WFG Insurance/Investment Specialist

Thoughts of a passionate poet covers a variety of topics I think many people will relate to. It's very uplifting, engaging, and shows empathy and compassion. Matthews poetry offers depth and real thoughts and views summed up in a few words. Proud of you Matthew!

Renae Giraudel - Event Planner 

Credit to Matthew Taylor for his inspirational book Thoughts of A Passionate P.O.E.T. Very uplifting and motivational

Paula Paterson - CEO of Khashelbody 


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