Matthew L. Taylor is an originator, a father, best selling author, producer, public speaker and mentor. As a child he was a musician and athlete becoming a top tier piano player and five time soccer champion. As he grew older he developed a passion for writing, creating music and expressing through art. These passions eventually placed him on the same songs and stages as internationally known talent. 

Being a young father lit a fire in Matthew's entrepreneurial aspirations. By his mid 20's he decided he would take control of his own future, start his own company and take on the risk of building something from nothing. 

He had made appearances on Rogers TV and has been on several canadian radio stations for interviews. He has also lent his talent to a few magazine publications writing articles that range from personal development to financial literacy.

He is the writer of Student of Life, an insightful guide to motivate and inspire people through sharing his life experiences. And also the author of "Thoughts of a Passionate Poet" which peaked at #1 on Amazon's Canadian Poetry Best Seller List and is a collection of insightful clever poetry and acronyms. 

His goal today is to lend his voice and talents to adding value to causes he believes in such as educating the next generation and using his story to inspire those who just like him, aspire to beat the odds and make a contribution through their passion.

His latest work “Thoughts of a Passionate P.O.E.T.” can be found at